Better Retirement Choices – An Elegantly Simple Solution

“Life,” philosopher Albert Camus contended, “is the sum of all your choices.” Do you think otherwise? Good or bad. Easy or hard. Right or wrong. Every choice you Read more

Get both a bird in the hand and two in the bush

Canadians from across the country are starting to look at their Canada Pension Plan with the respect it deserves. The reaction to our CPP Optimizer research report has Read more

Easy Money Most Canadians Miss

Canada Pension Plan. You’ve earned it, got it coming to you and boy are you going to get it… or at least some of it. That’s the crazy Read more

Canada Pension Plan Optimization

My wife, Nancy, is a healthcare professional, and I am never sure how much interest she has in financial matters. She appears to listen attentively when I start Read more

The Financial Plight of the Surviving Spouse

Take me with you when you go, girl Take me anywhere you go I’ve got nothin’ here but me, babe Take me with you when you go – Jack Read more

Then You Did It. Now You Don’t.

Despite the fact the retiring boomers are a huge group with enormous clout and wealth, no one in the investment industry talks about the fact they are headed Read more

The Fatal Flaw in Most Retirement Plans

There is a critical issue that continually arises which people don’t tend to think about when it comes to their retirement planning. I’m not discussing their income requirements, Read more

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