CPP Optimization

Discover the Value of Making the Right Decision

Most people underestimate the magnitude and role their Canada Pension Plan plays as part of their sustainable retirement income plan. The financial benefit of making the right decision as opposed to a poorly informed one frequently exceeds ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS.

To avoid passing up money you are entitled to, try part 1 of the Emeritus CPP Optimization Process™. It is quick and easy online tool that will tell you the value of making the right decision when it comes to starting CPP.

If part 1 proves meaningful to you, we suggest you move on to part 2, a complimentary consultation, with a CPP Specialist. In your personal consultation a specialist will guide you to more precise answers and help you explore the factors which will lead you to the right decision.

Make the right decision, it will be the easiest money, you didn’t pass up.


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