I want a sales person

At Emeritus we don’t try and be all things to all people. We solely focus on sustainable retirement income. You have indicated that your preference is to deal with a generalist versus a specialist. Your preference for a financial salesperson suggests that you are likely very early on in your savings years.

This would suggest you are not yet bothered by important questions like:

  • How much longer must I work?
  • How much more must I save?
  • Can I afford my desired lifestyle?
  • Could I outlive my money?
  • In this era of unprecedented volatility and record low interest rates how do I create reliable, sustainable income for life?

And further, you’re very fortunate in that:

  1. Time is still your friend, as opposed to a foe.
  2. Market fluctuations allow you to take advantage of dollar cost averaging as opposed to suffering from dollar cost ravaging.
  3. You can afford to rely upon averages, and don’t need to worry about the implications of probabilities.
  4. You do not yet need access to talented individuals who follow disciplined pension like strategies to manage your money.

You will have no difficulty finding a financial salesperson, the industry has ample supply. It is the Retirement Income Specialist that is the hard to find rare bird.

You can anticipate that in the near term you will be looking for the expertise we provide. Please consider signing up for our newsletter to stay current on the challenges facing those who look forward to making work optional.

On second thought I’d like to speak to a strategic planner

Please find me a salesman

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    I now have the clarity, understanding and tools to plan the future I want and live out my dreams. Progressive stages in the process led to A-Ha moments and generated a lot of conversation which would otherwise not happen.
    — Lianne Knipping
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