Money Management

Expert money management is a critical element in turning your retirement plans into reality. At Emeritus we have hand-picked select money managers who understand the mathematics of catastrophe (read our blog for more) and are capable of translating forward knowledge of future cash flows into investment strategies that protect retirement incomes.

The Investment Counsellors – Portfolio Managers chosen by Emeritus provide clients with above median investment performance with well below median volatility. Those relying upon their retirement nest egg for an income stream are particularly appreciative of this expertise in this new era of extremely challenging market conditions. Their performance track record provides evidence of their operational philosophy of putting risk management ahead of short term market performance.

By incorporating Emeritus’s proprietary My Personal Pension Plan™ into their investment management process, clients are provided with an additional significant layer of protection from income ravages that can be attributed to market downturns.

Emeritus’ unique relationship with these skilled professionals has enabled us to provide our clients with the quality of money management previously reserved for pension funds, institutional investors and extremely affluent individuals.

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    Client Testimonial

    I am intimidated by investments and complex financial matters, but this gave me more confidence in my capacity to make appropriate decisions. I wish we had done this 10 years ago. One very important aspect of this whole process was working through with my husband what our values, hopes and expectations are.
    — Joan Belford
Emeritus Financial