Our Approach


Throughout the process the 10 Emeritus Success Philosophies are adhered to and incorporated into your plan.

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The Emeritus process is a proprietary methodology that takes the daunting task of merging a life plan & investment plan and turns it into something which anyone can do.  We call it the C3 Process, following it will bring you Clarity, Confidence, & Convergence.

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Each year you will receive an updated formalized document that outlines the specific steps that need to be followed along with supporting pro-forma financial statements that enable you to track your progress. As part of your annual review variances between projected and actual will be reconciled and new thinking will be incorporated into the plan.

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Ideally the process for building the appropriate retirement income structures begins early.  At age 50, the planning process starts to take greater priority as focus switches from saving to converting assets to income.  Advanced timing starting 8-10 years before actually retirement can yield significant financial benefits.

For those who are already retired the good news is that it is not too late. Hopefully you are already achieving success in retirement, we can help make it better.  If mistakes were made some can be corrected and there are almost always benefits that can be amassed through in depth planning and strategy.

All retirement Income Specialists at Emeritus have been thoroughly trained in applying our disciplined C3 Process and taking full advantage of our supporting tools. All clients can anticipate enjoying a superior retirement income stream when it is called upon and have a clear understanding of the financial magnitude of the savings and /or benefits that accrue as a result of our advice. Our experience is that this amount is usually in the magnitude of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about us, our approach, or our services? Here are some typical questions we are accustomed to answering.

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    Client Testimonial

    I am intimidated by investments and complex financial matters, but this gave me more confidence in my capacity to make appropriate decisions. I wish we had done this 10 years ago. One very important aspect of this whole process was working through with my husband what our values, hopes and expectations are.
    — Joan Belford
Emeritus Financial