The C3 Process is Emeritus’s proprietary, time tested methodology rooted in the our ten philosophies for retirement success. The C3 Process is designed to take advantage of the significant opportunities that are revealed when you incorporate the forward knowledge of how much money you require, and when you require it (your desired life plan) into your tax strategies, your investment strategies and your cash flow strategies. The outcomes of the C3 Process are:

  1. Clarity – the simplicity and focus that comes from your active involvement in crafting a life plan that has been thoroughly tested to confirm your ability to fund it.
  2. Confidence – the possession of a step by step, year by year action plan of the specific activities that must be performed to achieve your desired life plan.
  3. Convergence – profiting from the hundreds of thousands of incremental dollars that accrue to you as a result of directly linking your life plan with your money management plans.

A suite of powerful software tools are relied upon to take what was previously a very daunting process and convert it to a very engaging and do-able process. The three tools are called:

  1. HomeStretch FORMula™
  2. Work Optional Validator™
  3. My Personal Pension Plan™



Simplicity and focus comes from being empowered to explore and discover your possibilities in life while consciously evaluating your many alternative courses of action. The process also enables you to make knowledgeable trade-offs between competing options. The Homestretch FORMula™ will help you to eliminate items on your wish list, as your discover your unwillingness to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve these “wished for” outcomes. Similarly you will gain awareness of, and commitment to, the activities that must occur if you are to successfully achieve the outcomes you deem as “must does” in your life.

  • Explore and discover your possibilities.
  • Make knowledgeable trade-offs.
  • Develop multiple scenarios.
  • Understand the many interactions of your life choices.
  • Gain clarity on how to increase your personal level of happiness and meaning in your life.

More on Clarity in our FAQ’s


Confidence, commitment to action, and peace of mind that comes from knowing that by following your specific step-by-step, year-by-year action plan you will achieve your desired life outcomes.

The Work Optional Validator™ allows you to take your retirement for a test-drive. This powerful process provides very reliable guidance in answering important questions like:

  1. How much longer must I work?
  2. How much more must I save?
  3. Can I afford the lifestyle I desire?
  4. Could I outlive my money?

One should never give up the security of their pay cheque without confidently knowing reliable answers to these questions.

  • Take your life-plans for a test drive.
  • Understand the long term implications of your decisions before you commit to action.
  • Identify and take advantage of valuable opportunities revealed by the process.
  • Identify and eliminate choices that are identified as costly mistakes.
  • Make necessary adjustments and see the impact in “real time”

More on Confidence in our FAQ’s


Significant financial benefits (hundreds of thousands of dollars) accrue when you link your life plan with your investment plan. Each Retirement Income Specialist at Emeritus has been thoroughly trained on how to strategically optimize the cash flow amounts available to you by taking advantage of the forward knowledge of exactly how much money you will require and when you need it. The outcome of the tools of the C3 Process provides specific direction on how to:

  1. Minimize the amount of income tax you pay over the balance of your life.
  2. Maximize the amount of cash flow you receive from recurring retirement income benefits.
  3. Mitigate financial risk you are exposed to during market down turns.

These strategies are shared with our chosen money managers to assist them in making superior investment decisions.

More on Convergence in our FAQ’s

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    Client Testimonial

    I am intimidated by investments and complex financial matters, but this gave me more confidence in my capacity to make appropriate decisions. I wish we had done this 10 years ago. One very important aspect of this whole process was working through with my husband what our values, hopes and expectations are.
    — Joan Belford
Emeritus Financial