The Platinum Program

The Platinum Program is for those who want unlimited access to the C3 Process™ and want to properly execute and take advantage of the significant financial benefits that accrue through the process of converging their life plan with their investment plan.

When forward knowledge of the amount and timing of cash flow demand is shared with talented money managers who know how to take advantage of this information superior investment decisions are made. Particularly amongst money managers who follow the disciplines of institutional money management. Platinum Program costs will vary from client to client depending upon the size of their investment portfolios.. To find out more contact us.

All Emeritus Retirement Income Specialists been thoroughly trained in applying our disciplined C3 Planning Process and in the application of all of the powerful tools that support the process.

All clients can anticipate enjoying a superior retirement income stream.. They will also have a clear understanding of the financial magnitude of the savings and /or benefits that accrue as a result of our advice.

Our experience is that the value uncovered and created by the application of the C3 Process is usually measured in the magnitude of: hundreds of thousands of dollars. This value is created through:

1. The identification of strategies to:

  • Minimize the amount of tax paid over the balance of your life.
  • Optimize the magnitude of the lifetime benefit you receive from recurring income streams,

2. The protection against:

  • Existing or contemplated decisions which represent unnecessary exposure to significant downside risk ( we call this The Benefits of Advanced Hindsight)
  • the catastrophic impact market downturns can have upon the longevity of an income stream (we call this The Avoidance of Dollar Cost Ravaging)

Obviously the more flexibility one designs into the construction of their retirement nest egg, the more significant the magnitude of available financial rewards. Therefore, to maximize the benefits it is generally recommended that you engage the specialized guidance of a Retirement Income Specialist 8 to 10 years prior to walking away from your reliance upon employment income.

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    Client Testimonial

    This is not simply financial planning focusing on numbers. It is an opportunity to take a good long look into your own passions and values- seeing how they play out in your future and only then apply the numbers to it. I look into the future with excitement now and not trepidation!
    — Sergio Galo
Emeritus Financial